Rifle Sight Protector



Introduction: Rifle Sight Protector

So I got new fiber optic sights for my 50 cal. muzzleloader to get ready for my elk hunt. They look kind of fragile and thinking they might get roughed up a bit I devised some buffalo hide protectors for them. They were inspired by some I saw in a British military museum years ago. When I unpack the rifle in the field, off they'll come.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

• Scrap buffalo hide
• Hammer
• Leather punch
• Paracord
• Cord stops
• Lighter
• Exacto knife

Step 2: Cut and Punch the Leather

Use the exacto knife to cut the leather to the right size, which will depend on your rifle and sights. It should cover the sight and meet under the ram rod. Make it a snug fit when you pinch the edges of the hide under the ram rod with finger and thumb. Cut a piece for the foresight and the rearsight.

Step 3: Prepare Four Cords

Cut four 18 inch pieces of paracord and tie a Celtic button knot on the end of each one. You could use any stopper knot but the Celtic button knot looks good and is easy to tie. There are instructions for it here:


Step 4: Thread the Cords and Add the Stops

Thread the cords through the hide as shown and add the cord stops. Snug the stops up tight and cut the cords to about 6 inches long. Seal the cord ends with the lighter and flatten the ends into a mushroom shape so that it can't slip easily back through the cord stop. You could even tie another button knot on the end if you used a bit more cord.

Step 5: Fit the Covers Over Your Sights

Slip the rearsight cover first and then the foresight cover. Tighten the cord stops under the ram rod.

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