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Calling all shooting enthusiasts. Have you ever wondered what to do with your spent rifle ammunition and shotgun shells? Well, here is a fun and easy way to make key chains out of your used ammo.

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Step 1: Materials

For the rifle key chain you will need:

Empty rifle cartridge. (I used a .22-250)


5/64 drill bit

Vise (optional)

For the shotgun key chain you will need:

Empty shotgun shell (I used a 12 Gauge)

Utility or X-acto knife


5/64 drill bit

Vise (optional)

Step 2: Making the Rifle Key Chain

Clamp your casing in the vise. Then you take your drill and drill bit and drill halfway through the casing, drill through only the first layer of metal. Then you have to insert it on to your key ring

Step 3: Making the Shotgun Key Chain

Clamp the shotgun shell into your vise and use your knife to cut off all the plastic and leave only the metal piece.

Step 4: Drilling the Shotgun Shell

Drill at approx. 45 degree angle near the of the shell. The top is the non lip side. Insert on to key ring.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Nice, but be advised: Even though clearly the primers are gone and the powder is gone, they will NOT let you board a plane (here in the US) with these. Whether or not they'd find it in a checked bag and confiscate it is anyone's guess.

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