Rig Remover

Introduction: Rig Remover

This tool in stop motion pro 7 let you remove images from one photo by replacing it with images from other photos
In this one I we'll be making someone fall off a building

Step 1: What to Use It on

So the reason to use this tool is to remove prop holders or rigs so you will need a photo or video

Step 2: Finding the Program

To find rig remover look under tools and there should be a blue square

Step 3: Sub Tools


Shape mover

Shape drawer draw around your shape so you don't erase stuff you need

Undo the last thing you did

Redo the last thing you did

Step 4: The Other Side

Find a slide that looks alike using the arrows in the red

Step 5: Removing the Rig

So now click on the eraser and drag it over the rig

Step 6: Example


Step 7: Fine or Tricky Bits

Use the radius tool to make the eraser smaller or bigger

Step 8: Example

Step 9: The End

The hit next to move switch slides

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