Rima's Own Herbal Butter 2014

Introduction: Rima's Own Herbal Butter 2014

About: i got a third chance at a new life! I want to thank my close friends.( 1 lives here) 3 Police deptartments, and food and water as well as a safe house, and protection, my life is going to be great KARMA KARM...

I believe that using fresh naural maybe even home grown good is best.

So I stay away from GMO's and High Frustose Corn Syrup.

this is not as easy as it sounds.

Have fun, Hope you like it.


Step 1: My Newly Planted Herbal Garden From Which I Hoped to Get Lots of Herbs

This is the planters box

Step 2: Here Are Some Pictures From My Tiny Garden.

The big herbal EARTH BOX is shown here,

fully grown. I cut it back about every 2 weeks.

My butter and freezer and the drying rack is full. And its only

August 28th 2014.

I also have a triangular butterfly watering dish.

and a bee waterer.

Step 3: How to Make the Herbal Butter

Basically there is no really recipe,

at least not in cups or oz.

This is what ai like to. do. I vary it as well,

on what I am in the mood for.

- 1 lbs butter salted/unsalted

- handfull of herbs which you like,- ( i love chives and parsley. )

- Lemon juice. =>. I love the fresh spark of juice. ( omit your choice)

- For Spices

Pick fresh spices, its so worth the difference in taste


Rima. aka. Sparky

Step 4: The Herbal Butter Never Lasts Long at My House

I hope you liked my 2 nd Instructables.

Thank you for having me.

I love it here


Step 5:

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