Ring Bearer Box




Introduction: Ring Bearer Box

This is a beach themed wedding and this is going to be the ring bearer box with the wedding rings.

Step 1: Material

Once your material is ready, place and align your wood in the laser bed.

Step 2: Cut

Once your file is ready, you will press start and the pictures show what is does after you press start.

Step 3: Product in Pieces

This is the result of the material after it is cut out into pieces.

Step 4: Process of Building Box

You will need wood glue and I used a tooth pick to apply the glue. Pictures are the order and process of how to glue the box together.
I glued the front first, then the right side, the the left side to the bottom piece. Then I glued the hinges into the back piece. Once the hinge is dried, glue the back piece on to finish the box part.

Step 5: Process of Building Lid

First picture is when you glue the hinges to the lid. The dowel rod in the back is so the hinges are lined up when it dries. Second picture is when the hinges dried to the lid and I took the dowel rod out to prepare for lacquer coating.

Step 6: Applying Lacquer

You will need lacquer and a brush to apply the lacquer. You will brush the lacquer to all the surfaces to protect from water and scratches.

Step 7: Connecting Box With Lid

You will need a razor or exacto knife and a surface to cut on. You will mark the length you need the dowel rod to be flush on both sides of hinges. You will cut the dowel rod where you marked it. Once it is cut into pieces, push the dowel rod through the hole with the lid and box connected.

Step 8: Applying First Theme

This wedding is a beach theme so first thing I'm going to add is the shells the two rings are going to be sitting on. You will need hot glue gun and the shells. Apply the glue on the shells then quickly place it where you want it. Once they are placed in the box you are ready for the second theme.

Step 9: Applying Second Theme

Like I said in first step, it is a beached theme wedding. Second theme is sand. You will need sand, wood glue, and a brush. You will put the glue on the brush and brush the glue on the bottom of the box where wood is exposed. Once there is a coat of glue on the bottom, apply the sand by putting it in the box and pressing firmly.

Once this is done, you will be finished!

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