"Ring-On-A-String" Fun and Simple Game for All Ages


Introduction: "Ring-On-A-String" Fun and Simple Game for All Ages

Here is a very inexpensive project that will bring hours of enjoyment for people of all ages!  I can only take credit for the name, which I said after first playing this addicting game in a local sandwich shop. Can

Step 1: Materials...

Materials needed are:

1- 2" metal ring
1- Screw type wall hook (Large)
1-  hook / latch (Small)
7 feet of string/twine

Step 2: Tie...

Tie one end of the 7' string to the ring and the other end to the small hook. Next make a mark 55" from the ground on the wall. This is where the large hook will go. Now from the wall mark 6' on the ceiling. This is where you will attach the small hook ,with the ring tied to the other side. These measurements should be real close, but some minor adjusting may be required.

Step 3: When...

When the string is fully stretched, the ring  should be centered on the hook. Now stand back and swing the ring , until your able to "hook it".  its alot harder than it looks ,but practice makes perfect.  Have Fun!



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8 Discussions

They used to have these games at a campground we stayed at when I was younger. I need to make one of these. Thanks for the reminder.

Also, you should add a good knot suggestion for attaching the ring to the string and the string to the ceiling hook. I found the 'uni knot' to be very useful. Every other knot I tried eventually slipped.

This is a good start for somebody looking to make the 'ringing the bull' game, but the measurements will vary by ceiling height. You might want to add that in. One key thing I picked up for your project was that the ring should be centered over the hook when fully extended. Nobody else mentions that! Thanks.

For just a few bucks worth of stuff from the hardware store and less than 5 minutes to set it up, I find that this game is alot of fun. It's sometimes referred to as "Bimini ring" or "ringing the bull."