Ring Tray Recover

I did this ring tray re-cover project to clean up my ring tray and to brighten up and show off my rings better. It was so super easy and made a world of difference in how you could see the color and detail of the rings, plus it really made taking pictures of my adjustable ring so much clearer. Not only can you make one in less than an hour, but they are inexpensive to make and washable to boot!

* This project can be hand sewn if you do not have, or wish to use a sewing machine


1. Measuring tape or ruler

2. Paper and pencil to make pattern

3. Scissor

4. Thin small spatula

5. Muslin and matching thread

6. Sewing machine with small sharp needle(size 9 or 11)

Step 1: Directions

1. Measure the tray foam insert width and length. To turn this into a pattern add 1" to the width, then Double the length and add 1/2" to that also. Transfer these measurements to paper to create a rectangular pattern. ( Exp. tray insert measuring 4"x 6" will become 5"x 12 1/2")

2. Using your pattern, cut the Muslin.

3. Now roll each edge over 1/4" twice and pin. After I do this I check my measurement for the width just to make sure it will fit properly, if it isn't trim and roll again. Sew all around and iron edges flat.

4. Using your clean small spatula, stuff the top and bottom edges of the fabric into the tray covering the foam. Begin on the top and gently stuff the fabric in between each section of the ring tray foam insert, making sure to keep it slightly taught and straight. Continue until each section is in and all the fabric is taught.

You are done! See so super easy and what a great new look for your display! From dark and drab......to Light and clear!

For more projects please visit me at www.DawnRosell.com



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