Ring + Bracelet in One




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Things you need:

Lace border
Gold chain
Gold jump rings
Gold clasp

Step 1: The Bracelet

Place the lace over your wrist and measure out how much lace you need only on top. Mine was 3 circles along with the tussles.

Burn the edges to prevent from fraying.

Measure how much chain you need and cut it out and add two jump rings to the two ends and attach to the lace. Loosed a loop in the center of the chain and add another two jump rings, add a clasp to one jump ring.

Bracelet is done, let’s make the ring.

Step 2: The Ring

Measure out a piece of chain from the center of the lace and around your finger and back to where you started, attach the piece of chain to the lace using a jump ring.

Abracadabra, there you have it :)



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