Rings With Spring (Fashion That Flutters With a Flash, of Faux Dichroic Glass)



Introduction: Rings With Spring (Fashion That Flutters With a Flash, of Faux Dichroic Glass)

About: Artist/Inventor who loves everything creative.

These rings are fun, fashionable and oh so cute!!!

If you’re looking for a little flare well here you go. A piece of jewelry with movement is differently eye catching, great for kids, and if you already scrapbook, your a head of the game.

I started making these rings to wear to work years ago and well, now I want to make them for my Granddaughter, the materials have gotten better over time and with latest nail art frenzy, it is becoming easier, and the paper punches have come along way as well. I wanted to use my Angelina fusible film material, so my butterfly would have a dichroic glass look.

I must say trying to punch this film was not easy, it kept getting stuck, and finally I fixed it, as you will soon see.

Step 1: Materials & Tools


  • acrylic nail resin very clear powder and liquid monomer( I use O.P.I you can buy other brands at "here" they sell it to the public)
  • brush cleaner for the brand you get or use acetone.
  • angelina fusible film( "here" is my supplier)
  • aluminum foil
  • glitters,nail glitters,etc.( this is used to cover where the spring attaches to the ring)
  • old ink pins w/ springs ( we need the springs)
  • adjustable blank rings or any ring base
  • 30 gauge wire for antennas
  • super glue
  • card stock to punch together with angelina
  • optional( clear nail polish)
  • option (ribbon for more details) I didn't use any.


  • butterfly paper punch(Fisker's fly away was used)
  • craft knife
  • scissors
  • special paint brush for doing acrylic work(found with the nail products)
  • paper towels
  • sanding stick
  • dust mask
  • optional (embossing heat gun)

Please work in a well ventilated area, follow product instructions . Make sure your work area is prepared for using solvent based materials.

I am not responsible for your project or you,just be safe.

Step 2: Punching the Butterfly.

Crinkle up the film, it gives texture that will show up after it has been coated with the acrylic. You can use the heat gun on the film to add texture as well; careful it will change the color.

With cardstock placed on top the film, slide into the punch, and well punch it.

Ta-da you have an iridescent butterfly. I cut several of these, in different colors, the film comes in 19 colors, the angelina film is cheaper than fantasy film, so you know me, I go for the cheaper one and it is very beautiful.

I will be sharing more Instructables with this material.

In the pictures you will see, I doubled up the butterfly to give more dimensional look, duel colors are very cute. You could glitter one butterfly all over and then do the faux dichroic glass look on the top.

My older designs, had sequins and glitter, but I really liked the new look. I want to do snowflake rings this year and I made a heart one for Valentines Day.

Step 3: Acrylic Coating the Butterflies.

This resin as many uses, if you ever get a chance to look at the 3d nail sculptures, they are so amazing.

My family, as lots of cosmetologists and nail artists, that's how I was introduced to this material.

Don't tell anyone, I have to clip my nose sometimes, because it can, get very strong smelling, like when you cut acrylic. I can’t imagine setting and doing someone’s nails with a close pin on my nose.

Thank goodness you can’t see me. Ha Ha!!!

No just work in a good ventilated area. Some of the nail acrylics don't smell that bad.

Place your foil down and lay a paper towel next to that. Put the butterfly on the foil, this keeps it from sticking. When you open the acrylic product read the instructions, The staff at Sally's is very helpful in getting things together.

Open the powder then the monomer liquid, and then the brush cleaner. I put the cleaner in a small glass sauce cup, designated for this only. ( I have the glass cups used in the salons)

You dip the brush in the monomer then stick into the powder, it will create a bead that looks semi-transparent, place on the butterfly, flatten out, wipe of the brush on the paper towel, do this after each drop, this keeps from getting buildup, then repeat the step. After the front is finished, flip and do the other side.

If you don't let the brush get to much powder, the material will flow better on the surface of the butterfly.

Let it set up a little, then if you want it to have shape, bend and add a little tape or a little heat to shape.

Step 4: Adding Spring to Your Ring!

Remove the spring from the empty pen; you may want to cut it down. I left mine long.

Put a little dot of the acrylic resin on the back center of your shape, wipe your brush off, be quick, now press the spring into the dot, and hold for a minute. Do the same thing to the ring form; this one is adjustable so my granddaughter can wear it.

Roll up some foil and slide on the ring form, this will hold it steady while you work, add a dot of acrylic to the top of ring, clean the brush, and once again be quick and set the butterfly spring into the resin.

Add more resin and while it it wet sprinkle on glitter; give a little pressing with your finger to set the glitter.

If you want antennas on the butterfly just fold and twist the 30-gauge wire, like photo, glue into place with super glue. If you will be doubling up your butterflies then add the other butterfly first then glue on antenna body.

That's it, you created a ring with spring.

Step 5: The Finished Look.

As you can see there are different butterflies in the picture and I coated on side with clear gloss to show the different look. I like a matte finish, just makes the pattern look much deeper.

The other is with the 2 butterflies stacked to give more dimension

I hope you go for it,even if it's not to make a ring, the materials are fun and have lots of uses.

Bye for now. Jewels

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