Ripsurf to Longboard

If you were like me and purchased a razer ripsurf hoping it would be an actually good product this is for you!

Tools needed for conversion
24mm wrench
Flat head screw driver

Materials needed
Grip tape
Trucks and wheels

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Step 1:

Step 2: Sawing Off Wheel Base Nubs

After the wheels are taken off saw of the knives that were holding them. Afterwards sand down to be flush with everything else

Step 3: Adding Grip Tape and Trucks

Afterwards attach grip tape to the top of the deck. Then see where the trucks will go best, I put mine 2.5 inches away from the tip of the nose and the bottom trucks 3 inches away from the back of the deck. While drilling use the trucks as a guide and make sure they’re straight

Step 4: Adjusting and Tuning

I adjusted the trucks to be super responsive so it felt like a surfboard. And a warning is that this feels like a super thin board it bends very easily

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