River Cutting Board

Introduction: River Cutting Board

A cutting board that has an epoxy river in the middle.



Live bord (black walnut slab)

Food safe epoxy

Food safe sealer

Packing tape

Scrap wood (to make a mold)


Epoxy coloring


Dewalt drill

Dewalt sander

Dewalt planer

Powermatic band saw

SawStop table saw

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Step 1: Cut Board to Size and Make the Mold.

1. Cut your wood piece to your desired size.

2. Cut a piece of plywood for the base of your mold bigger than you think you need.

3. Make the walls 2 or 3 inches taller than your work pice.

4. Cover all sides with packing tape to make a nonstick surface so it makes it easier to remove.

5. Use silicone to fill all cracks and crevices to make watertight.

Step 2: Pouring the Epoxy

1. Seal the wood s it dose not cause bubbles and place inside of the mold with a space in the middle.

2. Mix the epoxy as the bottle tells you to. (put coloring in now)

3. Pour the epoxy in thin layers so as not to cause bubbling and discoloring.

4. Let cure completely

Step 3: Removing and Cleaning Up the Board

1. Take apart the mold and try, not to mess up the board. (Is will take a lot of force)

2. Cut off the edges to clean them up

3. Use sandpaper from a grit of 60 gradually up to 5000 to get the board flat and smooth.

Step 4:

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