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This is my riverboard, i made it.
Its really easy to make 1. cut it out of a board 2. sand it 3. fiberglass it 4. paint it 5. put grips on it.
I sell them if your interested-i can customize it however you want it.
How to use it-1. buy a wakeboarding rope and handle 2. tie the rope to the board 3. tie the other end to a tree or rock 4. step on it 5.to move right put more weight on your right foot. to move left put more weight on your left foot. 6. do tricks(jumping it, diving underwater, riding it backwards, riding with three people on it-i have done all of these and more)
You can ride standing up,kneeling, or laying down,or sitting i have done that too. its fun for all ages and pretty easy(our youngest rider was 2 and our oldest was 47ish)
 Please comment and tell me what you think or if you are interested in buying one.



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    I'm interested in making one myself but I'm just a kid so it'd be hard. Would the river have to be going fast to

    Hey where do I buy one of these

    this is a cool project, but I have never heard of river boarding before. I live in Northern California, so I must try this on the Eel or the Russian.

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    Not many people have. i had never heard about it till i saw some people doing it on the Klamath River(also in northern Cal., ever heard of it?)

    Ive been all over the klamath river. I'm very suprised ive never heard of it before, seeing as how i live like ten miles from a river that is perfect for it.

    at first I couldn't figure out why you would tie your rope to a tree or rock, then I realized your river must have a fast current to "wake" ride (rivers in florida don't move that fast) I bet river boarding is a REAL BLAST !

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    I went riverboarding for the first time this summer last week. I'll try to post pics and videos

    Lol, yes i live in oregon and i riverboard on the North Umqua which is relatively fast moving especially around my house. seeing pictures and videos of rivers in the east it makes me wonder why they call them rivers haha. they are completely different things here. and yes its really fun! im sitting here unpatiently waiting for it to be warm enough to go riverboarding. i told myself as soon as the river is low enough im gonna put on my drysuit and tie the board up so its ready for me when it warms up.