Roasted Cinnamon Sugar Almonds:

Introduction: Roasted Cinnamon Sugar Almonds:

- Nuts are all time favourite for any one. These cinnamon roasted almonds snacks are very crunchy,sweet ,delicious and prepared very easily.

-Want to give a perfect snack this would be best for kids.


- egg

-cinnamon sugar


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Step 1: Procedure:

-Take bowl and add egg white to it and beat until it is frothy.

-Add vanilla essence.

Step 2: Add Almonds and Cinnamon Sugar:

-Now add almonds,cinnamon sugar and mix everything so that almonds are coated with egg white and cinnamon sugar.

Step 3: Brush Little Oil on Baking Paper:

-Just brush little oil on your baking paper.

Step 4: Baking:

-Now spread the almonds on baking sheet and bake at 100 degrees for 1hour.

-For every 20 mins just mix once and continue baking.

-Finally cool and store in air tight container.

Step 5:

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