Roasted Coconut Flavor Pumpkin Pancake (and Homemade Pumpkin Puree!)




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This Chinese pumpkin pancake is very different from American pumpkin pancakes. It's not fluffy--instead, it's kind of firm and sticky. It's a very traditional Chinese dessert, and I added a little twist in the flavor--roasted coconut flakes!

Surprisingly, these two ingredients works pretty well together, and the coconut definitely adds some depth to the flavor.

Hope you can try some different pumpkin recipes this year!

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Step 1: Ingredients

For the pumpkin puree, you will need:

Coconut Flakes---1 tbsp

Small Pumpkin---3/4-1 pumpkin

Sugar---20-30g, based on your own preference.

Since we will add sugar for the pancakes as well, so you don't need to make your puree too sweet here.


For the pumpkin pancakes, you will need:

Glutinous rice flour---60g (add more if your pumpkin contains more water)

Pumpkin Puree---30g


Step 2: Steam Your Pumpkin

Cut off the skin of the pumpkin and remove the seeds.

Cut it into big chunks, and steam it on high heat for about 15 mins.

We added some (leftover) sugar canes on top of it to add some more flavors.

(Yes we just cannot finish the whole sugar cane!!!)

Step 3: Prepare Your Coconut Flakes

Put coconut flakes into a pan on low heat, keep stirring until the aroma of coconut came out from the pan and coconut becomes golden brown.

Step 4: Puree the Pumpkin

Add sugar, coconut flakes to the steamed pumpkin and use a blender to blend it until it's smooth.

If it's too dry, you can add some milk to blend.

Step 5: Finish the Puree

Now the puree is ready! And it's ready to be used in the pancakes or other dishes!

Step 6: Make the Dough

Put pumpkin puree, glutinous rice flour and sugar together, mix it to a dough. If your puree contains too much water, add some more flour until it's not sticky to your hand.

Roll the pastry flat and cut them into circles (or other shapes if you want). You can use a cookie cutter, here we used an egg shaper.

Step 7: Make the Pancakes!

Lightly spray your pan with oil. Heat it with medium heat and put your pastry into the pan, flip it when one side is golden brown.

It's fully cooked when it becomes puffy in the middle.

Move all the pancakes to a plate.

Step 8: Enjoy Your Pumpkin Pancakes!

You can dust some sugar powder for the presentation, and now enjoy when it's still warm!!

It's sweet, tasty, a little bit sticky, and full of flavors! I love the way roasted coconut flakes combines with pumpkins, they made for each other!!

Hope you'll like this recipe, and if you do, please vote for me in the pumpkin contest! Thanks a lot and enjoy the pumpkin season!

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3 years ago

these two ingredients works pretty well together, and the coconut definitely adds some depth to the flavor.


3 years ago

I'm impressed by the photo skill. I would like to see an ible on taking photographs

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Reply 3 years ago

Thanks for the comment! My boyfriend @Yueshi took this pic for me! You can follow his feed and maybe he'll update some photography I'ble when he's ready~


3 years ago

This looks tasty. Think I will make them next weekend in the morning.