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I used to go through a lot of Encona, a bottle a week or more.
Having a local supply of chiilies I started making my own, but it never tasted like Encona - just better.
Original experiment here:
This Instructable shows how to make an original recipe hot pepper sauce.
Ideal with chicken, meat, fish, or to add a touch of tropical spice to any meal.

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Step 1: Ingerdients

The masses are what I used, they should be taken as rough guides.

Scotch Bonnet chilies - 225g
Brown sugar - 50g
Salt - 50 g
Garlic - 20g
Mustard flour - 10 g
Turmeric - 1/2 teaspoon
Cumin - 1/2 teaspoon
Cornflour - 2 desert spoons
Vinegar - 500ml

You can substitue or omit anything but the chillies. If you don't use these chillies it will not taste the same.

Step 2: Roast

Put the chillies and garlic in a hot oven and cook until the chillies are very well browned. This smells fantastic, so make sure you are in the kitchen while it is happening.
Remove the stalks from the chilies and chop roughly.
For a milder sauce, remove the seeds and cores, and just use the outer parts.
Than combine everything with half a litre of vinegar, and boil for 10 minutes.

The final step is to blend until smooth, and pour into bottles

*It's that simple*

Step 3: Verdict

When I tasted this I uttered much strong language, along the lines of "'kin eh! that's a hot sauce." And it's a good hot sauce.
That's my opinion, and that's why I make the stuff



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Graham L

3 years ago

A brilliant recipe.

Used Jalapeno chilli's instead of the Scotch Bonnet variety and it came out spicy and not too hot.

Friends, family and strangers love it.

Thank you

Graham L


4 years ago

Erm...ingerdients! lol

No cornstarch for me...mine ends up thick enough...I usually use at least 3 different types of extremely hot chiles and no sugar. Big hit!


4 years ago



I've just done it and am so happy with the results!! I used 1/2 pound of red & yellow habaneros (which I thought was the same as a scotch bonnet?). SO GOOD!! I think next time I will use more garlic but otherwise this is FABULOUS.


7 years ago on Introduction

I love hot peppers! Your bottles look so classy! I will share this with my son, he loves peppers also! Thanks for sharing your hard work! Hope your day shines!

1 reply
General Zod

7 years ago on Step 2

I have done a variation on this recipe in the past. When I boiled the peppers (without roasting them first) my kitchen smelled like somebody sprayed mace in there. It will definitely clear you out....sinus-wise.

I make this for my friends on occasion, but it is way too hot for me.

Awesome 'ible!!!


7 years ago on Step 2

Just tried this. Except twisted it a little bit.

Couldn't find much in the kitchen but here's the recipe.

Chilli peppers (Home grown
Garlic cloves.
Hot English mustard.

Roasted the chilli peppers in the oven along with the garlic and ginger then smacked it on the stove followed by the rest of the ingredients.

Then blended until smooth, let it cool down then into a bottle.

Simple, effective, and very hot!! Just the way I like it!! :D

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Reply 7 years ago on Step 2

Yes, I like the idea of ginger, but have not done it yet.
It's easy isn't it?


-It's in between a teaspoon and a tablespoon, i.e. a spoon with which you would eat dessert with.
But use your judgement and adjust to suit.


Ah gee, thought you would let me know in grams but thats ok, I'm betting I can figure it out. To me the size of a dessert spoon might vary according to the dessert ;)

If you do it right you lokk at the cold stuff, say "it needs a bit of thickening", add a bit of cornflour, boil it, cool it, look again, repeat if you think it needs it. The measure I quote is what I leaned then.


Please tell me how long can it be with out refrigeration and what do you now about Garlic and mold that can cause some type of illness in Pepper Sauce. Info Greatly Appreciated.

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lemoniemcambronero ho

Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

I find that the salt, sugar & vinegar content will preserve it for months out of the 'fridge.
Garlic and mold that can cause some type of illness in Pepper Sauce I do not know about.