Roasted Tomato Soup

Introduction: Roasted Tomato Soup

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Roasted Tomato Soup

Lots of large ripe red tomatoes
3 cooking onions
few cloves of garlic
tablespoon of tomato puree
4 chicken stock cubes
good olive oil
1 lge blob butter
fresh black pepper

• Wash and destalk the tomatoes cut into halves
• Peel garlic
• Finely slice the onions and put into large pan with tight fitting lid
• Boil half litre water and add to stock cubes

• Put tomatoes with garlic in oven tin sclutch with olive oil and many rasps of pepper
• Oven on 150c for about 90 mins.
• Sauté onions with butter and shot of oil to keep butter from burning
• Cook onions over really low light, with lid on. Don’t remove lid
• If you turn all off and continue next day its even better.
• Pick out any burnt tomato bits
• Fish out garlic cloves and discard
• Then add the tomato mix to the onions and simmer.
• Stir in the stock and puree after a bit
• cook thoroughly together for 15 mins to blend the flavours
• remove from heat and completely blitz with stick blender
• with a ladle push mix through a medium sieve to remove pips and skin
• serve with some parmesan and croutons

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    hello, I'm sure you could make a decent tomato soup using a slow cooker. However this one gets a lot of flavour from the roasting of the tomatoes and the garlic. Perhaps leave out the garlic? Also by sweating the onions slowly in butter, they become quite sweet, which balances the tartness of the tomatoes. I think boiling onions gets an irony taste, in my experience. I would think if all these ingredients were put in a pan or slow cooker the results would just be a murky tasteless mess. I make a few very tasty soups and I've found over the years that's it's all in the preparation steps and best quality ingredients. I think slow cookers, like microwaves have only certain areas where they are useful in cooking.

    Hope this helps! Kind regards



    5 years ago

    Hello I am an avid user of recipes on here for cooking for my friends and family, some of my friends want to learn from your recipes but they find hard since you.didnt do the picture to step method would you by chance make anymore recipe pages and add videos of you naking it?


    Reply 5 years ago

    Hi, thanks for looking at my recipes, and I'm glad you enjoy them. I will redo them with clearer steps quite soon. That should make them much easier to follow. Kind regards Keith