Roasted Carrots

Introduction: Roasted Carrots

A healthy and easy snack to munch on!!

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Step 1: Ingredients

1. Oregano - just for the tossing
2. Mint - for the tossing
3. pepper - for the tossing
4. salt - up to your taste
5. olive oil - up to your taste
6. butter - 1 table spoon
7. baby carrots

Step 2: Method

Toss those baby carrots with all of the ingredients mentioned above!!

Step 3: Method

switch on the oven and set 250°c in fan for 5mins and then both side heating for 10-15mins till you find carrots are slightly roasted. please take care you don't burn those carrots to black.

Happy munching!!
Signing off - Akila Jayakumar

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    5 years ago

    This looks scrumptious and nutritious! Nice documentation too. Tip - Edit the Instructable title so that your name isn't there. Your name can already be seen as the author. Unfortunately, the URL will not change.