Roasting Makhana in Microwave

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Roasting makhana in microwave is a simple and a very process to get crisp, evenly roasted lotus seeds. This is a perfect munching snack, anytime anywhere!!!

Makhana (Lotus Seeds) – 50 gms Oil/Ghee – 2-3 drops (optional) Salt – As per taste (optional)

Step 1: Method

Take microwave safe bowl, add makhana and keep it in microwave on full powder for 30 sec.Once beep, take the bowl out from microwave and shuffle all pcs of makhana and put it back in microwave for another 30 sec.Continue with this process for 5 times, till makhanas are crisp, turn little brown and does not stick to teeth.Add oil and salt as per taste. But it is best to have makhana as it is.



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