Robin Costume



Introduction: Robin Costume

He wanted to be his big sisters sidekick when she went as Batman for Halloween so I created a no sew Robin costume.

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Step 1: Materials

  • White short sleeve cotton t-shirt (tight fitting on your child)
  • Pink or white ballerina leotard
  • White leggings
  • Extra large yellow men's t-shirt
  • Dollar Store mask
  • Red and green fabric dye
  • Yellow belt (or belt and yellow duct tape)
  • Iron on t-shirt transfer paper for dark fabric
  • Printer Scissors

Step 2: Fabric Dyeing

Dye the t-shirt and the leggings green and the leotard red following the instructions on your fabric dye kit.

The higher the content of cotton in your fabric the better it takes the dye.

Step 3: Logo

Print out your logo on the iron on transfer paper, cut out, and iron in the top right corner of the leotard.

Make sure to follow the directions for the iron on transfer paper.

Step 4: Cape

Cut the front panel and sleeves off of the men's x-large t-shirt leaving the collar intact.

Cut a triangle out of the back panel of the shirt creating the cape

Step 5: The Belt and Mask

Cover a belt with yellow duct tape. I used a belt that came with an old Batman costume.

Purchase a mask from the Dollar Store.

Step 6: Dress Up

Dress your child up in all the pieces of the costume and have fun!

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