Robin Hood Hat





Introduction: Robin Hood Hat

I used felt for the hats, the kind you can buy by the yard. It was made for adult-sized heads.  It would need to be scaled down for a small child.

Cut the shape in the second photo, with the short, straight edge on the right on the fold.

Stitch, right sides together, along the top edge, shown in the third pic.

Flatten the back point with the seam centered, as shown.

Stitch a curved line through all layers. I made a cardboard template to stitch next to so that all the hats would be the same.

Cut the excess corner away above the stitching line. Turn the hat right side out.

Fold up the brim on the back of the hat 2 inches. Press with steam iron.

Fold the remaining brim up, tapering toward the front and ending about 1/2 inch on each side of the seam at the front.

Hot glue the feather in place.



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    Yours appears to be the synthetic 'felt'. Can't complain, since you've made it work, but if you can find pre-made wool felt, it will look and act better. :)

    i was able to make one. :) i used regular felt that you buy in peices and it still came out great. thanks! great instructions!

    Feeling dumb. I uploaded the photos, but can't figure out how to add instructions! It's pretty simple...are the photos enough? I also have the tutorial on my blog at

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    That's an excellent hat!

    When you hit the "edit" button, there should be a big text box right above the pictures. Go ahead and enter any instructions or background info into that box, then hit Save. Drop me a PM or reply to this comment if you have more questions!

    From your forum topic, it would seem that you've figured this part out :-)

    You've already got all the pictures in your library, so you just need to create a new "step-by-step" Instructable, and add this pictures to the steps where you want them.

    By the way, for these slideshows ("photo" Instructables), you can include descriptive text which will be shown below the pictures.

    I just noticed, a key point you might not be able to see in the photos is that you cut this with the short side on the far right on the fold.

    Thats a neat looking hat, but it would be fantasitc if you could elaborate on how you made it, what process you used etc.