Robin Hood-ette

Introduction: Robin Hood-ette

A few years ago I went out as Robin Hood-Ette for Halloween! Every thing in this costume was created from scratch (except for tights & shoes) and it even included a bow, arrows, knitted gold pouch, and gold chocolate coins to give out to partygoers.

Hooded jacket was made from a basic bodice pattern with darts, cap sleeves, and an extra large lined hood. Added pleated ribbon in the front seam for detail, and whip stitched the front eyelets by hand with embroidery thread.
Cuffs were made with the same wood grain & lining material, as well as the whip stitching. Also added suede string to lace up the jacket & cuffs.

Empire style dress was made from a cotton knit & cotton/linen blend for skirt. I did not have a pattern for this, so traced a favorite thermal shirt & added an extra inch seam allowance for the correct fit.

Lastly I knitted a small brown hat, but laced more of the suede string through it so that this could act as my gold purse and hold my money/lipstick/keys as well. To keep this on me at all times I created two more small eyelets on the right side seam of the jacket, and tied it up with the suede string.  Also my awesome friend Jim created the bow & arrows for me.

Unfortunately everyone kept asking if I was supposed to be Little Red Riding Hood, but I nicely reminded them that I was wearing green & stealing gold chocolate from the rich to give to the poor.... Also I met Jack White in this costume! Very memorable.

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