Roblox: the Ultimate Sword-Fight Guide




Introduction: Roblox: the Ultimate Sword-Fight Guide

Well, this is my first instructable, so don't be hatin'.

First off, Roblox is a fun online building/fighting game that you can play with over 9 Million Online other people. Just go to and check it out.

Second off, this if focusing on the FIGHTING part of Roblox. I might make Building guides later.

So, If you think you're ready, then it's time to start your journey down the long path of a sword-fighter.

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Step 1: Section One: the Swords

Possibly the most important aspect of Sword-Fighting: the sword.

On Roblox, there are TONS of swords. This instructable only shows the most commonly found ones.

Step 2: The Normal Sword

Self-Reliance at it's best.

The original sword, no extra power, set at medium reach, with absolutely NO tweaks.

Need I say more?

Step 3: The Ice Dagger

The Ice-Dagger is a wake-up call to EVERYONE that touches it.

It's a mean, lean, one-hit kill machine, which is why newer players turn to it so much.
But, as a pro or a regular member, it's great if you find yourself cornered/surrounded, even though afterwards you'll hear the inevitable "ICE NOOB!!"

But the Ice Dagger does have a deadly weakness...

Step 4: The Venomshank

This sword, overall, is very nice.
I'll just put the pros in list form.

1: It's big.
2: It does good damage.
3: If your opponent gets away from you, don't worry, it poisons whoever touches it.
4: Unlike the Ice Dagger, this sword is generally accepted.

Step 5: The Firebrand

Yay, the Firebrand!
This is probably my most favorite sword, but the Darkheart is pretty good too.

Anyways, I'm going to list the pros, again.

1: It's big:
2: (VERY Handy!) Is INVINCIBLE against the Ice Dagger.
3: It does a bit more damage than the regular sword.

Step 6: The Ghostwalker

Ah, the Ghostwalker.

This sword is pretty powerful, but it has it's ups and downs.

1: You can jump pretty high with it.
2: Every time you kill someone with it, you become slightly more invisible.

1: When you lunge with it, it causes you to jump, which is NOT good.

Step 7: The Darkheart

First off- This sword rocks.
Second off- It's VERY popular with Pros.
Third off- It's VERY powerful.
And, lastly, for every health-point you take away, you gain a health point with this sword.

Step 8: The Windforce

This is basically a beefed up Ice Dagger, AND it's probably the most common sword amongst regular players.

Basically, it does about double damage and sends your opponent flying.

It's disliked by pros for the same reason the Ice Dagger is disliked: Whoever uses it barely has to do any work.

Step 9: The Illumina

Unfortunately, this is our last sword.

It's basically just a sparkly normal sword that does about twice as much damage.

Step 10: Section 2: Helpful Power-Ups

This section is just a collection of common power-ups.

Step 11: The Force-Field Thingy (?)

This is a magical ball that gives you a forcefield for a limited time.

I don't know it's name.

It's symbol is a circle with a plus in it.

Step 12: Jet Boots

Need I explain?...
(No picture taken)

Step 13: Med-Pack

Pick up, save for later, click, and be healed by the almighty spirits of... stuff.

Step 14: Shadowsphere

Grab this, click, and you turn invisible for a little bit!

Step 15: Battle Armor

Bump into this and double your health. :D

Step 16: Epilogue 1: Moonwalking

This is a glitch, but a very nice one.
Hold a sword, zoom in all the way, and you can move in ANY direction, but you'll still be facing the same way.
The only downside is that people can sneak up on you.

Step 17: Epilogue 2: Good Maps

These maps are good for beginning sword-fighters.

Sword Fights on the Heights IV by Telamon:

The Underground War by Stickmasterluke:

Sword Fights on the Heights V by HAMSTERBALL:

Sword Fight in the ShadowRealms, by orca101:

Step 18: The End


...Here's a cool picture...

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    7 Discussions

    Hmm.. although you touched up on the swords and items from Sword Fight on the Hights 5 you didn't really explain more about sword fighting... However I didn't know much about the swords anyway so thanks!


    6 years ago on Step 18

    Awesome. Just one question, why no tips on Moonwalking and zooming out, just swords.
    Pro - Maps, and Swords Cons - No moonwalk, and zooming out tips and nothing about sword fighting


    9 years ago on Step 4

    I recon that heavy armour doesn't work :ll


    9 years ago on Introduction

    finally, another roblox instructable, I've been waiting for one like this, my sword skills need some refinement...