Robo Pencil Holder

Introduction: Robo Pencil Holder

I got this old soy sauce bottle and thought that i could make something out of it, so I came up with this cool pencil holder.I hope you enjoy my instructable.

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Step 1: Materials


Bottle( A Hard Plastic one)
Sharp Knife
Wire Cutters
Any Kind Of Black Tape
Something To Put The Glue Onto With
3 Washers
2 Screws
3 Nuts

Step 2: Nose and Skin

Simply cut of the top with a knife.Then drill a hole in the center of the face.(the size of one of the nuts)Tape all around the bottle to hide the clearness of the bottle.(you can tape over the hole and just poke out the tape in front of the hole.)Then put glue around the edge of one of the nuts and glue it into the hole.

Step 3: Eyes

Just glue on two nuts.

Step 4: Mouth

The mouth took forever for me to figure out how to do. I Wanted it to be creative but not just glueing them on.So what you want to do is get a peice of wire about the size in the picture.(sorry I didn't measure). Then you want to take the three washers and put them side by side. Take one end of the wire and wieve it around over under over.Then do the same in the other direction but under over under.Then twist the two ends together and fold them back.Then glue it on.

Step 5: Arms or Ears

Drill two small holes close to each other where the ear/arm would be. Then take a piece of wire about the size in the picture.(again sorry)Put one end from the inside through one hole and the other end of the wire into the other hole.Make the even on bot sides.Put the screw inbetweenand wrap one end of the wire along the groves of the screw. Do the same with the other end. then repeat that for the other arm/ear.

Step 6: Thank You

Thank you for taking the time to read this instructable. IDEA: You can put a piece of cadboard inside to seperate pens from pencils.Please comment.

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    He is really cute, I like how you did the mouth.