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Introduction: Robo Dog Toy

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This k'nex toy is fun to watch slowly walk around.
If any of you could make him go faster that would be really cool.

this toy is just a rough model that i made so you guys can change it up and make it better so if you have any mods please tell me so i can make my model a better one and i will put another instructable up on the newer updated one.

here is a video of him walking.......he walks really sloooooow

thanks for looking,


Step 1: The Parts List


half circle----6
k'nex man mouth----2
black circle thing that you but on the top of a k'nex man----1 if any of you could tell me what the name of that piece is it would be a big help
blue spacers----12
gray spacers----16

Step 2: The Body

this is pretty easy. just pay attention to the pictures.

Step 3: The Legs

this is another easy part but as always pay close attention to the pictures.

Step 4: The Head

the head is really easy

Step 5: The Tail

This is vary simple

Step 6: And Now Your Done YAY!!!!!!

Have fun with your Robo. my Robo dogs name is fido.



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    Hey ok I found out now and it works! I didn't fallow the directions all the way so yah but it's really cool thanks for sharing!!

    ok i built it a little bit ago and my dog doesn't walk. I can when its in the air but not on the ground so I'll see what I can do to make it work. But nice creation it's really cool.

    hey i don't have the part you have so what part to make the leg connect together

    Make sure you add all the peices in your list

    please COMPLETE your next part list

    thanks. I am about to put up another toy it is a mini van I am trying to put an instructable up each day.

    Haha, thats great! I think your batteries are a tadbit low though, I would like to see it go with good ones in. Other than that, great work!

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