RoboRealm Controlling a Laptop PC With Wheels Attached to It

About: Hi, I'm psymansays. I'm an engineer from California. I enjoy sunsets, and long robot test drives on the beach. More from me:

Please enjoy this video, featuring my "LaptopWheels 2" robotic platform, running RoboRealm. I'll attaching the RoboRealm script that is being shown working here to the last step of the 'ible in the link above, in case anyone would like to try something similar.

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    very nice concept , but couldnt u have have made a robort that follows light using a couple of photo sensors and a cross connected motor setup?
    *cough cough* overkill? *cough*

    1 reply

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Hi! Actually, for this specific task, it is overkill, but it's a very flexible robotics platform. I have it working as a telepresence robot (like the sparky project), with a couple of different client/server programs I put together. One version runs froma web browser. This also work with RoboRealm software, so, while it can follow a light source the most easily, it can also do much more complex and varied machine vision tasks.

    The next thing I'm planning to do with this is add a laser-line module to track obstacles, and work on a simultaneous location and mapping (SLAM) program for it. So, for those purposes, this platform is great :)