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This project is for a capstone class, Robotic Engineering.  The goal of the project is to use all the knowledge obtained while in the Robotics or Electronics program at Lake Area Technical Institute. 

The Robot Games is a series of obstacles and tasks the a remotely operated robot has to complete in order to receive a passing grade.  The build, any ideas, solid-works designs, data sheets, and troubleshooting guide should be filed and retained for a engineering portfolio turned in a presented at the end of the course.

The class was broken up into teams and given a budget and the tasks to complete.  This years tasks included unlatching a door (10pts), driving through the door (10pts), put plexiglass pyramid in plexiglass box (5pts/pyramid), stack boxes (5pts/stack), get up a six inch step (30pts).  The build time would be from January 12 - May 4 to complete the robot and portfolio.

Part of the grade would be based on daily work reports, teamwork, safety, and professionalism.  The rest of the grade would come from completing the tasks and the portfolio.  On May 4th we would compete against each other to showcase the program.  Along with the competition judges, future industry employers, would give us a final grade and declare a winner.

First, the teams would start with a frame and drive train concept, which had a deadline in the first few weeks.  This would encourage them to use what they've learned in mechanical drives, welding, machining, and solid modeling classes. By setting a deadline and giving them small grades on meeting the deadlines, encouraging them to getting used to the stress and pressure that they will encounter in there careers.

After constructing and testing their drive trains the teams would have meet the next deadline of completing one of the tasks.  This would test their knowledge on mechanical devices, fluid power, and control devices.  Again, there is a deadline for this part as well, just a few weeks after the first deadline.  To meet this deadline the robot must perform a task in its entirety, meaning it must pick something up, open the latch, or go up the step.

Just a few weeks after the second deadline the robot must be completed.  One of the Advisers should see each robot complete every task.  The tasks do not need to be done an any order, just completed by this time.  This deadline is set one week before the competition, which allows the teams time to fine tune and strategist for the games.

On the competition day the teams must report at 0800 and be ready for judging.  The judges will make their rounds to each team and question them about the robot and portfolio.  This give the students some confidence in their ability to talk technically and explain what they are planning.  The games then proceeds with three runs per team, the total of the points scored will determine a winner.  The runs are also timed, this will serve as a tie breaker.

The week after the competition the teams will present there robot to fellow students and high school students, a last effort to help them with public speaking. - here's the link to our youtube channel if your interested in watching:)

I hope you enjoy seeing what the students have done!!!!

*Go easy on me, this is my first attempt at a Instructable*

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Looks great! This is exactly why we have Photo Instructables -- so you can share a project that you made, the story around it, and not find yourself in a position where you have to document everything after the fact.

    That said, for your SECOND Instructable, show us how to make something at least as awesome as this. :-D

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    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Can do:) I'm working on that right now, might take a little bit:)

    Thanks for the feedback!!! I LOVE THIS SITE!!