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Introduction: Robot With Arm Experimental Platform

hi Aditya kombe from Eupholabs hardware development community to share a experimental platform of robotic arm for projects like bomb sniffing,pick and place or radiation area hand project, here. We are making a experimental platform ie we will not discuss electronics or controller or wireless here , it is upto you how you make use of this bare project.We require-

1. 6cm x 4cm robotic wheels x 4

2. Gear heads x 4

3. 15 rpm 12v heavy duty Gear motor x2

4. 100 rpm 12v general gear motor x1

5. L clamp x 6

6.Screws and small bolts

7. wooden strips 4cm x 30cm x3

8. bare gear motor head x 3

9.wooden platform 50cm x 40cm (or however you like) for base locomotive

10. wooden strip thin 2cm x 22cm

Step 1: Base Locomotive.

Take a large wooden plywood sheet of 7mm thickness of dimension barely equal to 50cm x 40 cm to make sturdy moving platform.

Attach four L clamps to its corners , Attach Two 100 rpm motors in one of 40cm edge and two bare gear motor heads on another.

The side which motors are heading is a actual side we will have robotic arm to be placed to maintain running force and wieght.

Attach four wheels to each corner.

This is our movable platform.

Step 2: ARM !!

fig 1 shows, arm consisting lower arm having two strips of wooden base , and upper just a single.

fig 2 shows how arm base to be made

fig 3 shows how gears were modified to fit in frame

Also notice this design has two motor the one attached to the base L clamp moves arm lower hand and the one attached to the arm will move upper arm

This design is best when arm weight is important factor so here we just push every large weight(mainly motors) towards lower part of arm which is less moving.

screw the moving lower strip to the upper arm motor and upper and with equal length out to get a moving lever effect. Hope you understand. (the black line in fig 1)

Step 3: Lever Stick and Make It Moving..

attach lever stick and check if its moving.

Step 4: Done!!

Attach Arm in front of the bot.

you can use this to Create a sturdy defence project as bomb sniffer , wire stripper , land mine detector , inspection robot etc or a industrial pick and place bot , or Radiation zone working Bot.

Add arduino , Raspberry pi whatever to give it a brain , motor drivers , wifi/bluetooth/RFmodule for wireless assist.

Thankyou!! happy making..

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