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In this instructable, i am going to teach you how to wrap your smaller gifts simply and cheaply using only 3 pieces of tape with a wrapping paper i created on Microsoft Word and a picture of the Instructables Robot and a bow made of the same.

Step 1: Materials

For this instructable you will need:

1) My Instructables Robot wrapping paper**
2) Tape
3) Scissors (i didnt show them but i used them)
4) Finally and last but not least...the gift you want to wrap.

**i have included the template below.

Step 2: Orient Your Gift

Cut off the white strip at the bottom of the wrapping paper. if you want, you can fashion this into a bow to put on later...but i personally wouldnt.

then take the gift and orient it in a fasion that allows you to wrap it with only one sheet of paper (i mean thats what i would do and it makes it easier). i am pretty sure that if you took the file i have included with my gift wrap template on it to like FEDEX Kinkos or maby even UPS they could print a much larger sheet that you could use on larger gifts. You'll then use one piece of tape to fasten the paper as depicted in the second picture.

Step 3: Fold Your First Side

Now take your first side and crease the corners straight so you can cut off the excess paper.
Take the side with the paper overlap, and fold it down first. follow with the solid side and fold it over top the first fold. you now have two triangles. fold those over and then tape them down.

Step 4: Fold the Other Side

Now fold this side like you did the first side.

Step 5: Basically Finished Wrapped Gift

This is what your basically finished gift looks like wrapped. if you wish to you can make a bow out of the same wrapping paper design. just look at the next step. im not going into detail about it. but i will at least show what it looks like.

Step 6: The Bow

Heres what the bow i made looks like. the first picture was an attempt at a bigger bow but it didnt quite work the way i wanted it to cause i was using tape...i didnt have a stapler.



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    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    well thank you much! i will surely check out your gift wrap! Honestly the bow i made wasnt all that great i think...i didnt know how to make bows, so i had to figure out something quick :)