Robot Car Tracking Line [ Easy Way ]





Introduction: Robot Car Tracking Line [ Easy Way ]

This instructable gives instructions for constructing a robot car that will tracking dark line ( black )

robot Car contain ( IR sensors) and when sensors on black line , (sender IR) send infrared but not received it on(emitter IR) here both of wheels continue running forward , but when car go out the black line, sensor send and received (IR) here the left wheel opposite his direction to backward , and car carved.

Step 1: Equipments

1.Inverter 74LS05N
2.Relay 5-6 V
3.Transistor 2n2712
4. 4.5 Volt battery to motors and 6.0Volt to circuit
5.Two motors
6 .Wires
7. (IR) emitter, receiver
8. Board
9. Resistances (R1=6.2 M Ω, R2= 82 Ω, R3=10KΩ )

Step 2: Construction

connect the circuit as shown in figure

also sometime you need to add black tube in IR receiver ( more accurate in response )

Step 3: Done

here is the video

also you can be more creative by replace IR with microphone for example or anything



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    7 Discussions

    Can tell me about how to Wire it or simply i want Wiring

    what are the RPM of the motor

    If I'm not mistaken, as I can see the circuit it only turns to the left... was that on purpose?

    can you show how you have placed the reciever, im trying this , But its not working...please help me...i need more details about the type od IRx,Tx used,

    When i tried it, the reciever voltage is not varying by much while it is in contact with black or white surface...
    please help me...

    Hi, nice robot! Very simple to make!
    I want to make one but I have only 1 question:

    What does de inverter do?