Robot Detecting Voice




Introduction: Robot Detecting Voice

Interaction of Robot (Nao) with Multiple speaking person based on fusion of Face detection and Sound source localization.

About the scene: There are 4 person in a normal room with one person initially out of view of scope. Everyone is placed in different configuration and varying distance.

Key steps in detection:
1. Nao first detects the person using face recognition.
2. Then it uses a novel sound source localization technique to detect the person who is speaking
3. Then is rotate its head toward the detected person

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10 months ago

Hi there, I really like the concept and would like to know more about it, I'm working on a project with my team where we need a concept of this sort or some sort of sound source detection system implemented in our lamp robot and would appreciate the help!, please get back to me ASAP, thanks email is


5 years ago on Introduction

Please watch the video and give me your feedback.

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