Robot Pull

Introduction: Robot Pull

This instructable will teach you how to build a robot using VEX robot kits to pull weight at the maximum speed.

Step 1: Materials

43 Keps nuts
43 screws (6-32 1/2)
2 motors
2 35 angle bar
2 12" drive shaft
6 bearing flats
2 1x25 bar
1 battery strap
2 2" stand off
2 70mm wheel
6 100mm wheel
2 64 tooth gears
2 128 tooth gears
12 collars
4 .318 spacers
8 .182 spacers
2 chasis rails
2 15 hole plate
1 vex robot battery
2 2inch standoffs
5 bearing blocks
2 5inch drive shafts
1 5hole angle bar

large and small hex wrench
large and small wrench

Step 2: How to Build Robot

step one, the frame.
2 35 hole angle bars
2 chasis rails
4 screws (6-32 1/2)
4 keps nuts

A. take 35 hole angle bar and chasis rail connect the two at the end of each bar with screw and keps nut
B. take other 35 hole angle bar and connect to other side of chasis rail with screw and keps nut
C. use last chasis bar and connect it at the end of both 35 hole angle bars

Step 3: Adding Central Bar and Computer

take 2 1x25 bars and use 2 screws and keps nuts to connect them 6 holes apart
connect connected 1x25 bars on the chasis bars in the middle with screws and keps nuts
use 15 hole angle bar and connect it with on space apart from the front of the connected 1x25 bars
connect end wherever it reaches last
take the vex net computer and use 4 screws and keps nuts to connect it to the center of the 15 hole plate
connect ends of plate (4 corners) to the 35 hole angle bars. should be connected 9 holes away from end screw on angle bar. Finish connecting plate
connect battery holder anywhere on plate

Step 4: Front Wheels

12" drive shaft
2 bearing flats
4 screws
4 keps nuts
6 collars
2 70mm wheels

A. connect bearing flats 3 holes away from back screw (opposite side of small wheels) on 35 hole angle bar on both sides
B. thread 12" drive through one bearing flat. put collar on outside on bearing flat on drive shaft
C. on inside part of drive shaft put the collars and wheels on in this order:
on outside of other bearing flat, connect final collar
space out collars and wheels like in picture

Step 5: Motor and Back Wheels

back wheels materials:
6 100mm wheels
4 collars
1 12" drive shaft
4 big collars
6 small collars
2 bearing flats
4 screws
4 keps nuts

1. connect bearing flat so the middle hole lines up with 7th hole from back of angle bar (near big wheels) on both sides (east and west side)
thread drive shaft throughbearing flat
2. on inside of angle bars put wheels and collars and spacers on in this order:
2 big spacers
1 wheel
1 small spacer
1 wheel
1 collar
on other side of long bar connect wheels and spacers and collars in this order:
1 collar
1 wheel
1 small spacer
1 wheel
2 big spacers
3. on outside of angle bars (both sides) put a small collar followed by 128 tooth gear. then another small spacer follwed by 100m wheel then a collar.

Motor connecting
2 motors
2 5" drive shafts
2 64 tooth gears
2 small spacers
2 collars
1. connect a motor on inside of 35 tooth angle bar so the drive shaft can thread through the 13 th hole from the back
2. put collar on outside of angle bar use the small golden screws that come with motor to connect it
3. use 5" drive shaft for motor with a small spacer, followed by a 64 tooth gear and a collar

Step 6: Connecting the Sled

2 8/32 screws
2 keps nuts

1. after you have built the sled, put it at the part of the robot where the smaller wheels are at
2. bend the bar that portrudes out the back of the robot so it will connect to front of sled while sled is on ground
3. screw on last 2 parts of bar to sled

Step 7: Building the Sled

This step you will build the sled that holds the weights

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