Robotic Arm Controlled by Intel Edison

Hello my friend!

Here I'll show you how I made a Robotic Arm controlled by Intel Edison and commanded by Leap Motion.

The 3D model used in this project is a very good open source project found here:

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Step 1: Building the Arm

First of all, you need to print the parts of a right or left hand. I choose a right hand.

The tutorial to build the atm can be found here:

Step 2: Nylon Strings

I'm using nylon strings with 0.4'm of diameter.

To fix the strings on end of fingers I used a connector like the picture attached. This connector I found in a electric bar connectors and cut each one in a half.

Step 3: Fixing Nylon Strings on Servo Motors Wheel

To fix the nylon on servo motor wheel I developed a special pin. Turning this pin you can found the exactly strings position needed.

Step 4: Programming the Intel Edison

To program the Intel Edison you need to merge two Arduino sketches: the servo control and the simple wifi web server.
The simple wifi web server will receive the commands to control the servo motors.
Important: Intel Edison have just four PWM port. You will need to put two servos in the same board pin.

Attached here you can find the my source code.

Step 5: Leap Motion Controller

Install the Leap Motion in your computer and test it.

You can use your favorite leap motion SDK to send to Intel Edison the specifics commands.

Or, just open a web browser in your computer and enter the url from your Intel Edison with the port 8080. Something like this:

To control de Robotic Arm from other device, just call this address[180,180,180,180]. The number "180" represent each controlled finger and it can be between 0 and 180.

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    4 years ago

    That a lot of client.print in the code. Nice.

    1 reply

    Reply 4 years ago

    True. I know this code could be better. I made it quickly because I was in a "contest" with controlled time to do that.
    I thing the better way to do that is put the code in SD card.


    4 years ago

    This is really cool! Thank you for sharing the details of how you made this!