Robotic Arm on Arduino

About: My name is Alex and I like to do it all with my own hands. I'm fond of arduino and I like to invent different constructions on it.

In this project, I will show how to make a robotic arm, or as it is called robotic manipulator based on the Arduino. This robot has a lot of opportunities, which limits only limit is your imagination.

Step 1: Materials&Circuit


- PVC plastic

- 4 servo

- Arduino Uno

- 2 bolts and nuts

- Wire connections

- Bread board

- button

- 3 potentiometer (instead of two potentiometers I used a joystick)



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    1 year ago

    Where did you show us how to make anything?

    1 reply

    Nice. Great way to make a basic robotic arm. I love how Arduino makes robotics so much more accessible to the everyday maker.