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Introduction: Robotic Personal Assistant

This is a robot i am still developing. His name is buddy, he runs on a mini ITX mobo and uses a modified chassis of a vex explore. He is currently able to navigate on his own, and can follow some basic Manuel given commands. He is also equipped with several sensors such as light sensors, cameras, IR beacon navigation system, touch sensors. Buddy navigates using stereo vision which for me is a new to work with. it can be glitchy sometimes but overall i have got thing worked out to make his navigation precise and smooth. When finished he will be able to communicate with the user vocally like my Hal9000 project. Buddy will also have various tasks he can perform. I will keep updating this the farther i get along. If any one has any suggestions or questions please ask :)

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    2 years ago

    Just saw, looks great. Any update?


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Did you ever finish your robot? I just found this post and I am very interested in hearing about the outcome.