Robotic Xylophone


Introduction: Robotic Xylophone

With the holiday season approaching, we are always looking for a way to add a little Christmas spirit to our office. This year, we thought it would be awesome to have a musical instrument that we could control with a NerdKits microcontroller kit, and have it play holiday music. Keeping true with the DIY spirit, we decided to build a xylophone, build the whole thing from scratch, and teach about solenoids and shift registers along the way!

You can find complete building instructions, including source code and schematics on the video tutorial



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    2 Discussions

    Very good work, congratulations!

    Many years ago I read that aluminum is the loudest metal. At first I don't believed it, but after doing some experiments I became convinced that it is true.

    BTW, "xylo" stands for wood. This device would be a metalophone, I suppose.