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Introduction: Robotics Claw Mounting Bracket

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The SparkFun Robotics Claw MkII (part # ROB-11524) is a big improvement on their mark 1 model. The new Pan/Tilt MKII bracket (part # ROB-11674) is also nice (if a tad pricey). Unfortunately the instructions to mount a claw to the Pan/Tilt bracket show the MkI claw. It wasn't apparent how I should mount the claw on the pan/tilt bracket with the included parts, so I designed this mounting bracket. Done in Autodesk 123D Design (the online version) -- the first thing I've designed. The side mounting holes didn't quite line up exactly, so I just drilled them out a bit. Files available on Thingiverse (thing 131248).



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    Sorry, I really don't have any instructions beyond what I wrote. But I'd be happy to answer any specific questions you have.