Robots for IRC(International Robotics Championship)


The IRC League is Asia's Biggest Robotics Competition that aims to celebrate Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and make innovation an area of passion for the young minds of the developing world.
So, I would like to show how to make the robots for the middle level.
The problem statement can be found on as well


Avishkaar Full kit

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Step 1: Problem Statement

Robots are tasked to collect the stones from the given area and pass it to another robot to take it towards the target area and then throw on the target area to score points.

Step 2: Manual Bot

Bot 2 is tasked to collect the stone from Bot 1 (at the passover zone) and push/throw it through the Hog Line towards the target area to gain scores. Hog Line is created as a wall type structure of around 6 inches in height with an opening towards target area.
I have attached some images of the bot for reference. You can use them to make the robots.

Step 3: Autonomous Bot

Bot 1 is tasked to collect the stones from its designated area and pass it to Bot 2 while following the black line till the Passover zone.
I have added photos for reference and the program which is made in AMS ( You can get it from ).
The robot which I made uses colour sensors to follow the path.


Step 4: You Made It!

If you were able to understand and make the robots then please vote for me in the contests.

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