Robust Fume Extractor

Introduction: Robust Fume Extractor

A robust yet simple fume extractor for soldering could be easily built over the weekend at home.

The idea would be to make use of the 12V dc cooling fan to be mounted onto a simple frame. It is power by using the old power supply from a used CPU.

Watch YouTube video for its efficiency.

Step 1: Raw Material for the Frame

The main frame of the structure were made using one of the tube obtained form a used portable wardrobe. The thin metallic tubing with great malleability is great for making this frame.

Need :

1) A table top wise could be used to reduce the diameter of the tube from 5/8 inch to 7/16 inch. Otherwise a hammer would be the most feasible way before cutting into the following length.

2) Only then, cut two tube at 6.5" long with an M3 hole locate one and 1/8 inch from tip.

3) Followed by cutting four tubes at 4" long with a M3 hole located an inch from tip.

4) Each side of the frame is mounted using a one and 1/2 inch, M3 bolts and nut fitted using a spring washer.

5) The sharp edges is being sand off prior to apply a layer of hot glue.

Step 2: Bracket for the Cooling Fan

Bracket for the cooling fan was made using U-channel Aluminum (one and a quarter inch wide).

The mounting holes for the cooling fan could differ depending on model made. My case here it happened to be 3/16 inch from each end. An M5 hole is drilled for mounting the fan at the Aluminum bracket.

The opposite side of the U-channel will see a mirroring plane for M3 holes. Refer Figure 5.

Quick check if the marking are symmetrical or else it will not fit the opposite side.

Once all marking is in place, it will be ready to be cut.

A plier is used straighten the side where the cooling fan will be mounted.

A guiding hole is punch using a steel nail prior to drilling.

Mounting a parts into place will be a resemblance of figure 3.

Step 3: Wiring

The wiring pin inside the harness could be removed.

Clamp the safety pin inwards and the main pin will slide off from the harness.

Lay the wire into the tube through one of the 4 inch leg. The beauty of a tube !

Connect it with 12V Dc and viola !

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    I need to build something like this!


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    Thank you.