Rock Band Drum Pedal Fix

Introduction: Rock Band Drum Pedal Fix

My wife and I have been playing a lot of Rock Band in the last year. The drum pedal is definitely a weak point in the construction of the assembly. The first bit to break was the hinge and this was fixed with hot glue and a piece of porous material. I used a silky table napkin that had very little stretch. The piece of material was glued to the top of the pedal (near the hinge) and underneath the pedal to hold it all together.

My son and I were playing RB and he was stomping the pedal pretty hard and again the pedal broke but now in the center. A new fix would have to be done if I wanted to keep playing.

I removed the original pedal by pushing out the hinge pin with a small Roberson screwdriver. Once it was removed I pieced the pedal back together to use it as a template to trace out the shape on a piece of 3/8" plywood. I used a jigsaw to cut around the piece leaving a bit of extra wood on the back end of the pedal for the hinge.

Once I was happy with the shape, I sanded it smooth.

The RB drum pedal is activated by a magnet that is embedded inside the plastic. This was removed and I drilled a 3/8" hole to place it into the wooden pedal. I accidentally drilled through the wood and didn't have a dowel to glue into the hole so I cut a piece of felt pen and jammed that into the whole.

The small tab on the orange bracket was sanded down and then the assembly was ready to be replaced onto the new wooden pedal. I had to make small holes to attach them properly. This bracket hold in the magnet and attaches the pedal to the base.

The spring was a little difficult to attach but I MacGyvered it with the top portion of bottle cap and a single center screw.

The next step was to drill a hole through the width of the pedal to be able to replace the hinge pin. This is the most critical part. Be sure to drill straight through and to use a drill bit slightly larger then the hinge pin. The edge of the pedal also had to be sanded to allow for proper clearance of the base of the pedal.

To make it bad-ass (lol), I took a torch and burnt the top of the pedal to accentuate the grain of the wood.

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