Rock Band or Guitar Hero Guitar Display

Introduction: Rock Band or Guitar Hero Guitar Display

 I love my Rock Band video game, this is as close as I will get to being a real musician lol... There fore I felt that it was only right that my guitars have a better home then my bedroom floor.

 I got the idea to display them from a decorating tv show. They had real guitars and did lots of drilling and mountining to the walls. My project dosn't need any of that. 

  Very simple and and cheap.....  At some point, I may get a taller piece of wood so that it has a more "mounted on the wall" effect. I was so excited tho that I wanted to post it right away.

  I just put the hook over the top of the wood and leaned the wood up agaist the wall. I hung the straps over both hooks and adjusted the straps so that the head rest on a hook.

Over the door double hooks for each guitar you have ( .99 store)
Scrap piece of wood big and tall enough for your guitars
Optional: fabric and/or batting, paint or other decorative embelishment

Some of my embelishment ideas:
1) any kind of paint or markers in any design, autograph it after all your the star

2) upholster it with fabric, leather, suede. Trim the edges with feather boas or fur

3) use cheap sticky back tiles, ceramic tiles, mosaics or even mirrior tiles.

4) decopage

 The possibilities are endless, Have Fun!!! Let me know what you think.... 

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