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Lets Make Candy!!!

Step 1: Materials

First you need a glass cup, 3 cups of sugar, pot with boiling water, string or a stick, clothes pin or pencil, food coloring

Step 2: Water and Sugar

Fill your pot with water and boil it in HIGH temperature until 5 min.Than add 1 table spoon of sugar, when it dissolves keep adding more until sugar can't dissolve no more in the pot.Turn off the switch and CAREFULLY spill it to the glass cup.Now if u want add food coloring.

Step 3: Setup

You need a pencil or a wooden skewer. If u choose skewer u need a clothespin, stick the skewer into the tiny hole in the middle of the clothespin and put the clothes pin set it down like the picture above.If u are using a pencil and a string, tied the string to the pencil and set it down just like the picture above.

Step 4: Wait

Wait about 7 days to let the sugar attached to the string or the skewer. If the sugar is little on it after a week wait for 1 more week

Step 5: Ready to Eat

Now after waiting take it out and see.You are now...READY SET EAT!!!!



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