Rock Lawn Mining

Introduction: Rock Lawn Mining

If you have a rock lawn in the front of your house and you live in a hot area you should look at the rocks in your yard sometime. I have found a bunch of rocks with metallic looking areas. And there's a process called vitrification when a substance turns to glass or the shiny crystalline material on rocks. I used my cell phone camera and a jewelers loop to capture these upclose images. By the way I live in California we there was Eureka and I am pretty poor I wish I had money from gold ore. Most Americans are brainwashed about finding gold they think the best way is to use a pan or old washboard sleuth and go to a river but overlook much minerals trapped in the rocks. If I had enough gold I would try to make a gold magnet by reversing the principles of eddy currents. This short instructable is brought to you by openInvent.

Step 1: Basically Go Out to Your Rock Lawn and Look for Suspiciously Shiny Rocks.

I think I have found mica pyrite and possibly silver or gold ore trapped in rocks. There are also patches of quartz (white) and obsidian the (black shiny parts). If anybody wants these specimens, I will either post them on ebay or accept direct donation to openInvent group.

Step 2: Examining Your Finds With Cell Phone and Jewelers Loop

I used a cell phone camera and a jewelers loop to get closer video to see the minerals. This Instructable was written by Ember Leona of openInvent please join or like on facebook

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    4 years ago

    These are what rock lawns look like. I don't recommend or condone trespassing or other hiking activities for rock mining.