Rock Lobster Computer Prank

Introduction: Rock Lobster Computer Prank

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Update: The website I was using to do this got a little messed up so this prank no longer works. I'm sorry. 

This is a really simple way to prank someone on April fools day. It gets great reactions. Also its free.

Step 1: Set Up

Set Up
  • Open Firefox.
  • Click Tools
  • Click Options
  • Main
  • Type in the address Here is a link to the page.
  • Click OK
  • Watch the reaction the next time they come back.

Step 2: Fix It

After they pleaded for help heres what you do to fix it.
Fix it
  • Open Firefox.
  • Click Tools
  • Click Options
  • Main
  • Type in the address for there home page
  • Click OK
I made this web page tonight because I thought it would be pretty funny.
Hope you enjoy. Please comment and ask questions and if you enjoyed this vote for it in the April Fools contest.



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    i did this and we had just had a virus so it was still fresh in everyones mind, it slipped my mind at the time though so i pulled this prank, my mom thought we wre having another virus and she freaked out and got ready to wipe the hard drive again. but she didn't because i told her what happened, but she told my dad, brother, and sister who all had basically the same reaction she did.

    It will work, it will just be harder to change it back, since the page moves around all the time. Unless you quickly navigate away, you can't fix it.

    I found some thing similar to this, has the same type of thing. I'm not telling what prank it is though

    where did you get that video

    I tried this out; for some reason, when I kill the site, the text box doesn't appear P.S:WTF! Who made this song?!?!?