Rock Solid Skateboard Hanger From PVC Pipe




Introduction: Rock Solid Skateboard Hanger From PVC Pipe

Looking for a way to hang a couple longboards up in the garage, we came up with this simple design.

This supports the board by the wheels, gets it out of the way and protects it from getting beat up. 

Step 1: Material and Tools

PVC pipe - 3 inch diameter schedule 40, 10 inches or more. Can be solid or foam core.
Fasteners - 2" drywall screws, EZ-anchors or Tapcons.

Table saw, miter saw and band saw. If you don't have these, a hack saw will do the whole job, it just takes a bit more work.
Drill press or hand drill
3/16 and 3/8 drill bits
tape measure/ruler

Step 2: Cut Twice

**** Be careful using power tools, use good judgement and follow all safety precautions please!****

Cut the pipe to length. A  miter saw with a fine blade works great for this. Or a bandsaw or hacksaw. Cut to 10 inches long for a longboard hanger. Or 8 inches for a standard board. 

Split the pipe in half lengthwise. A table saw or bandsaw works well for this. Or a hacksaw if it's all you have.

Step 3: Drill

Drill two 3/8 inch holes in the center of the pipe top-to-bottom, 4 inches apart. These will be the corners of the notch you'll cut in the next step.

Now drill two 3/16 inch mounting holes in the center left-to-right, one 1/2 inch from the edge and the second 1-1/4 inches from the same edge.

Step 4: Cut a Notch

Now, cut out a notch in the center for clearance for the trucks. This step is necessary Independent, Ventures and Gullwings. If you have Bear or Paris style trucks you may not need the notch, try it out with your board.  On the side opposite the mounting holes, cut from the edge to the first large hole. Do the same for the second large hole. And then cut down the length between both large holes. A bandsaw or hack saw works well here.

Step 5: Mount It to the Wall

Now hang it up on the wall. Use a couple of drywall screws, 2 inch works great for wood framed walls, and screw it to a wood stud. Metal studs may require a pilot hole. Or use an appropriate fastener like a Tap-Con screw for concrete.

That's it! Good luck, I'd love to see a pic of your board hanging on the hanger if you'd like to post one.

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Great! I loved the idea, but my wife wants a more "horizontal" solution...

1 reply

@JamesD163 - Thanks for the comments. Maybe consider cutting a wedge out of a couple of PVC caps and hanging them on the wall the same distance apart as your wheels. Hang your board sideways catching the inside surface of two wheels. Just a thought...

Thanks for posting BloodBlaze - glad you like it.

Thanks for posting CostinG - putting them inside a cupboard is a great idea.

Cool, nice work BEARE. I like how they look in aluminum. You've got quite a cool collection of boards. Thanks for posting.

great idea

I just made one (so simple but awesome)

Very simple solution to suspend the skateboards. I've attached them to the inside walls of a cupboard which is so much neater now. Thanks for the idea!

Nice work senseimeshari- looks great!

This is an amazing idea. So cool. I've done it with a dremel then Plastidip it with red color.

15, 8:44 PM.jpg15, 8:44 PM.jpg15, 8:44 PM.jpg

I have been looking for a way to hang my longboards and this is perfect.

13, 9:57 AM.jpg
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Cool, nice work! Thanks for posting a pic. Dang, the trucks on that board are wide - can you even ride it on a sidewalk???

Haha ya they can but u just gotta be carful of pinecones they will make u do a 180 if your not carful.

Thanks carlo$. The notch is necessary for my trucks but you're on to something - Bear and Paris style trucks don't need the notch. I'll add that to the notes. Glad you pointed that out.

I never would've thought. Thanks for sharing! I'll definitely be making one of these soon.