Rock Your Litter Box! a Litter Box Hack for the Rest of Us.




Introduction: Rock Your Litter Box! a Litter Box Hack for the Rest of Us.

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Question: Who doesn't like cat poop?
Answer: Almost EVERY living thing ever... including cats. They hate it so much that they try to bury and pretend it doesn't exist... just like me with my feelings.

Although I can't bury my feelings completely, I can however get rid of cat poop with great ease and efficiency thanks to this clever little technique.

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Step 1: Tools!

  • Cardboard Box - small enough to fit within the litter box but big enough to handle all of your cat's crap.
  • Something to poke holes in the cardboard box - I used a drill with a 1/2" spade bit but scissors, a knife or anything pointy will work. Just make sure you can somehow make the holes at least a 1/2" in diameter by the end.
  • 2 Plastic Bags - proper disposal


  • Bandanna, scrap cloth or gas mask - Because: cat poop.

Step 2: Make Holes in the Box

I used a drill because it was quick and easy. I made enough holes to cover the majority of the surface area of the bottom of the box, while being careful not to make so many that it would compromise its structural integrity. Figure it has to hold the weight of the kitty litter plus the crap... This is of course something that will vary from cat to cat.

Step 3: Cleaning Preparation!

  • Empty all of the contents of the litter box into a large plastic bag.
    • Make sure the bag is big and strong enough to be moved around a little, without breaking open.


  • I went for maximum freshness and took the litter box outside to spray it down with a hose.

Step 4: Sift!

  • Place the cardboard box inside of the litter box and pour the dirty kitty litter into that.
  • Shake the box from side to side until all of the little nuggets of gold are all that remains, and the clean kitty litter has fallen through the holes into the litter box.

Step 5: Dispose!

  • Pour your box of crap into a bag.
  • Tie it up.
  • Throw it away!

Step 6: Breath Easier!

  • Kick your feet up and enjoy the fresher air of your dwelling.
  • Pat yourself on the back for doing it so quick & efficiently.

The day is yours! You are victorious.

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    1 year ago



    2 years ago

    There used to be something similar on the market. I think it was called a Kitten Kaboodle. A play on words for Kit 'n' caboodle. It was made up of two solid litter boxes and one with a perforated/sifting bottom. You started off with the two solid ones stacked on top of each other under the sifter. When you were ready to clean the littler, you lifted the sifter and shook it over the solid box, until only the solids were left in the sifter. Then you could dump the clumps into a disposable trash bag and wash & dry the sifter. Then you had to separate the two solid litter boxes, put the sifter/perforated pan in the clean box and dump the sifted litter from the used box on top of it. The used litter box could then be washed and slipped under the one that was now in use.

    Yours is a lot more inexpensive but if you could find three matching litter pans, on sale, it would be an easy system to duplicate. The only problem that I can see with this system is timing. It would be best to do this change-over right after the kitty had used it. It takes time to get the sifter dry enough to set them up again for use and most cats are not very patient when they need to use the litter box. Maybe a second sifter would be the answer.


    2 years ago

    Really? If you clean the box twice a day you won’t have an odor problem. No one likes using a dirty (unflushed) toilet. Cats are cleaner than most people; having a litter box as dirty as pictured will get YOU sick. Take better care of your cats; clean the box often. Just sayin’.