Rockband Kickpedal Fix/upgrade




Intro: Rockband Kickpedal Fix/upgrade

Broke your rockband kickpedal? or maybe you just want to feel more intouch with Mother Nature when you are rocking out.
I used:
a scrap piece of wood (1/2")
0.98$ hinge from princess auto
dremel tool
key hole saw
drill and bits

FYI: when I started this project i didn't know about this wicked awesome website. If i would have known i would be giving step by step instructions I would have taken more pictures. But I think you can get the point from what I've got.
PS: I think the 'real' kickpedal/posterboard fix is wicked cool!

Step 1: Find a Piece of Wood (easy Right?)

One day while rocking out, a friend tells me she can no longer play on her set because the pedal has broke :-(. Taking a look at my roommates no so broken kickpedal I tell her i will fix it for her.
I lucked out big time when I found this scrap piece of cedar siding in a dumpster from a neighbor's reno project. Used a key hole saw to get a ruff outline of the pedal (jig saw would have worked much better). I just moved into my new place and don't have all the tool/resources I used to have back on the old man's farm. So... winter tires double as a work bench (just be careful with the saw).

Step 2: Sand It Down

unless you have feet like a samquach you're gona want to sand down the pedal. It makes it so much sexier too!
I found the hinge at princess auto (a surplus tool/random cool thing store) it had another side to it that i cut off with the dremel. All you really need is something that the pin (that the pedal pivots on) will fit through without too much play.

Step 3: Swap Out the Guts

Now you are going to want to take all the components from the original pedal and make room for them on the new/improved pedal. (sorry about the lack of pictures here, I was getting excited about playing with the new pedal and forgot to take pics). In the after thought picture you can see that you will need to drill a holes for the magnet, the rubber stoppers, and the 4 screws. Be careful not to drill through the pedal; you would have to restart and buy a new tire.
Heads up: the placement of the orange thing is key to how well the pedal will fit to the base. I screwed up a bit here but it didn't turn out too bad. I would recommend putting the pedal on the base before you drill any holes, then tape the orange piece in the right place. Remove the pedal and mark with a pencil where you need the holes.
The hole for the spring is actually a ring that i carved out with the dremel. If you don't have a dremel you'll have to come up with some crafty way to carve that ring out.

Step 4: Rock Out!

Now doesn't that look killer? and the cedar makes your foot smell like a dream ;)



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    10 Discussions


    8 years ago on Introduction

    I used a CNC and cut the angles of a thin plate of metal and screwed it over the pedal itself... looks hardcore metal! .. great job by the way


    8 years ago on Introduction

    haha when my pedal broke i used pieces of sheet metal and riveted them to the backs and fronts of the pedal and covered it with electrical tape. very nice!


    9 years ago on Introduction

    I did something similar, bu instead of replacing my broken pedal entirely, I just screwed a decently rigid piece of wood to the plastic, and painted it black.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Im having problems with my kick pedal picking up extra sensitive....anyone having this problem or know of a fix for it? I could really use some help here.