Rocker Pig Money Box

Introduction: Rocker Pig Money Box

This pig is basically your average papier-mache pig (made from a balloon and egg carton segments covered in paper and glue) but it has a few differences. The mohawk is a peice of card that I tape to the balloon before covering it. The guitar is also made from card. It has about 6 layers of paper. The neck is reinforced with popsicle sticks and the pickguard is covered in tin foil. The strings are fishing line and were the hardest part of the project as one end would always come undone just as I was fixing the other. The guitar is the plug for the hole to get the money out and the mouth is the slot to put the money in. The ear and nose rings are just bits of wire.
Materials used in project: balloon, newspaper, flour and water paste, egg carton, cardboard, paint, wire, fishing line, beads (for holding strings in place at both ends and for knobs on guitar), tin foil, card tube- toilet/ paper towel roll (stick about 4cm to back of guitar as plug for hole in pig) pipe cleaner (for tail) PVA glue- for sticking all the little details to the guitar, sticky tape- to attatch all the bits to the balloon before covering.
Takes about 5-7 hours over about a week with drying time in between layers.

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