This is the body of the Rocket. We used one 2L soda bottle, cut the top and bottom of another 2L bottle which would go between the bottom and top of the rocket, and cut the top off of another 2L bottle. Finally we melted down the bottom part of the last bottle and turned it into the tip.

Step 1: Step One

Step One: Get a 2L bottle, make sure it isn't one of the new bottles that are curved inward because those bottles won't work right.

Step 2: Step Two

Get another 2L bottle and cut the bottom and top off of it. This part will serve as the middle part of the rocket. This part is used to give support to the rocket as well as well as giving the parachute a little bit more room so it won't get stuck on the release.

Step 3: Step Three

In this step you outline and cut out the fins for the rocket. they can be made out of cardboard, foam-board, or even plastic. 

Step 4: Step Four

making the parachute. for this step you take a garbage bag, and attach strings to it so you can later lace it through the tennis ball for the deploy. 



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5 years ago on Introduction

well i wanted to make a rocket, but this instructable hasnt been updated for 3 years


8 years ago on Introduction

I think you might have published this early. You can save and come back to Instructables as much as you need, adding steps, editing, etc. When you log in, look for the tab Instructables in your profile.