Rocket Airship

Introduction: Rocket Airship

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A nice , low cost paper rocket that launches into the sky!!

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Step 1: What You Will Need

The materials that you will need for doing this project are:

1. 15 papers with dimension 1,00*0,70 meters

2. Glue

3. Scissors

4. Ruler

5. Marker

6. Reeds (Plant) total length 3,00 meters

7. Metal Wire length 2 meters

8. Oil

9. Sponge

Step 2: Creating the Main Body

For the main body of the rocket, we start to unite the papers using the glue, and then we link the start and the end of this plane, to create a cylinder.

Step 3: Creating the Rocket's Nose

In order to create this part of our project, first of all we have to unite 5 of our papers, and then cut them with scissors, giving them the shape of a hEMICYCLE, with a circumference of 3 meters (same as the cylinder that constitutes the main body).

Step 4: Creating the Rocket

After our nose is done, we start glue it to the main body. The center of the Hemicycle is going to be our rocket's peak, so the circumference of the hemicycle is attached to the circumference of the cylinder.

Step 5: Creating the Tail

For the tail, I used some reeds and some twine or wire, in order to make a circle, at the bottom of the rocket.

This will help your rocket to get it's shape, and also will hold the sponge with gazoline, that will be explained in the next step.

So, first thing is go and cut some dry reeds. Then cleave them like the image shown.

Next try to curve them in order to create a circle. After that create two diameters of wire. This will help you get the shape you want, and also will make the bottom more stable.

Step 6: Launch the Rocket

The principle that makes this rocket fly is very simple. Hot air is lighter than the cold air. So you have to fill the rocket with hot air. Try to light a fire and put the rocket carefully over it. The smoke will slowly fill the paper rocket and will elevate it to the sky!

If you want your rocket to go even further, when it is ready to escape your hands, you can hang a sponge with oil to the wires on the bottom and put fire to it. This will keep the air inside hot, and your rocket will continue to fly, until the oil is over.

Try not to fly this rocket in the summer, because you can create fire.

Also the weather has to be calm, with no big winds.

Have fun!!

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