Rocket Cake (for Toy Story Party)




Introduction: Rocket Cake (for Toy Story Party)

Here's how to make a gorgeous-but-easy Rocket Cake (made originally for my son's Toy Story Party)

Triple-recipe of chocolate cake mix, baked in a roasting dish lined with baking paper.

(1) Cut off the two corners to form the body of the rocket, then trim the remaining triangles of cake and flip them round to form the rocket fins.

(2) Ice the main body blue (with butter cream icing of course)

(3) Ice the fins red. Use the gel colours to produce vibrant colour.

(4) Slice the bottom off a cuplet ice cream cone and poke into the base of the rocket to create the exhaust

(5) Decorate and make pretty. I used the squeezy Queen icing writing tubes and sweets.

(6) To create a burst of jet flame, melt orange barley sugar sweets in the oven, on a tray lined with baking paper.

(7) When the sweets melt and run together remove quickly from the oven and use a knife to pull the melted sweets into the shape you want. It will harden and cool quickly; before if becomes brittle use your hands to refine the shape.

(8) Poke into the base of the cake as shown.

Simple but very effective!


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